Images Disturbed by an Intense Parasite, hosted online by Amanda Wilkinson Gallery (26.05 - 01.06.2020)


CURRENTLY ON VIEW: Poetry & Performance. The Eastern European Perspective at MWW - Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (06.03 - 13.07.2020)

horizontal vertigo, Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf (07.06 - 06.12.2020)

La Becque Residency, La Tour-de-Peilz (01.07 - 30.09.2020)

Swiss Art Awards Exhibition, Halle 3 Messe Basel (14.09-20.09.2020)

Solo exhibition at On Curating, Zürich (10.2020)

Alserkal Residency, Dubai (01.02 - 01.04.2021)




RYXPER1126AE - solo exhibition at Trafo Gallery, Budapest curated by Bori Szalai (15.03 - 17.04.2020)

MOUTHLESS - solo exhibition at FRI ART- CENTRE D’ART DE FRIBOURG/ KUNSTHALLE FRIBOURG and WALLRISS Curated by Nicolas Brulhart (31.01- 29.03.2020)

Hexanol - solo exhibition at Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London (07.02 - 29.03.2020)

Sunk into it, part of it / it would be like hearing the grass grow, and we should die of that roar which is the other side of silence at FUTURA, Prague curated by Caroline Krzyszton (25.09 - 17.11.2019 )

YGRG14X: reading with a single hand VIII at Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden (11.09 – 22.09.2019)

Kaleidoscope Manifesto, Lafayettte Anticipations, Paris, curated by Alesio Ascari, Myriam Ben Salah and François Quintin (17 May 2019 — 19 April 2019)

On The Use of Unknown Objects at Aldea Gallery, Bergen, curated by Curatorn.

KALEIDOSCOPE TAKEOVER at Spazio Maiocchi, Milan

I get those goosebumps everytime you come around. Solo exhibition at Lucas Hisch Gallery, Düsseldorf

ANTI- 6th Athens Biennale, curated by Steffanie Hessler, Kostis Stafylakis and Poka-Yio

Les Urbaines, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne, Switzerland, curated by Deborah Joyce Holman (December 06 -16, 2018)

Polymeric Lust, Display Gallery, Berlin, curated by Simon Wursten (December 15 - January 13, 2018)

GIVE UP THE GHOST - Baltic Triennial 13, Kim?, Riga, curated by Vincent Honoré

GIVE UP THE GHOST - Baltic Triennial 13,Tallinna Kunstikoone, Tallinn, curated by Vincent Honoré

SOLAR BODIES, curated by Diamètre at Musée d’Orsay, Paris

YGRG14X at the 6th Moscow Biennale, This Site is Under Revolution, curated by Barbara Cueto at MMOMA, Moscow

Performance at YGRG 14X : reading with a single hand V, Cell Project Space, London

YGRG 14X : reading with a single hand V and YGRG Outlet, solo exhibition at Cell Project Space, London

Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, curated by Vittoria Mattarese and by invitation of the Hayward Gallery, London

YGRG 154:Body Heat, solo exhibition at Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London

Don Quixote, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin

YGRG 14X : reading with a single hand, solo exhibition at Mikro, Zürich

LIQUID FERTILISER, Kunstverein Freiburg

YGRG 150 : Le Musée Menteur, Sodu4 and Editorial, Vilnius

YGRG 14X : reading with a single hand, performance, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, curated by Vincent Honoré

Baltic Triennial XIII - Prelude, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, curated by Vincent Honoré

Young Girl Reading Group 145, Kunsthalle Basel

Kunstkredit 2017, Kunsthalle Basel, curated by Julia Moritz and Stefan Burger

In Formation, ICA, London, curated by Juliette Desorgues

YGRG 136, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf, curated by Eva Birkenstock

Ai am looking away, Ai head upturned to the stars. 1.1, Basel Solo exhibition, curated by Deborah Holman

Agatha Valkyrie Ice: FREEPORTS, WHO ARE YOU? SALTS, Birsfelden curated by Elise Lammer and Samuel Leuenberger

Boat Rage# 7, Berlin Biennale 9, Berlin curated by DIS

Memory, LOYAL, Stockholm curated by Daniel Iinatti

Seminal bricolage (first attempt), FOOTHOLD, Polignano A Mare

ABSTRACT SEX*, Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, NY curated by Dana Kopel

EPISODE X/CHAPTER 3: BEDROOM, art monte-carlo, Monaco

Co-workers: network as artist, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris

Times Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flies Like a Banana, Tinos Cultural Foundation, Tinos Island

Agatha — chapter 2. //// breaking dawn


YGRG: COMING OF AGE III, performance, Art in General, New York

Mobilising Citizenship, workshop and artist talk at Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway

Series of workshops as part of Welt ohne Außen - Immersive Spaces since the 1960s, curated by Thomas Oberender and Tino Sehgal at Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

Alt_Cph 18, Copenhagen, curated by Anna Weile Kjaer and Esben Weile Kjaer

YGRG x Gruppe magazine

YGRG 152 : folding city, Knipsu, Bergen

r u still there? , House of Egorn, Berlin

Hyperlink, Romantso, Athens

YGRG 151: folding city, performance organised by Konstanet and BCC Season For Learning, ARS, Tallinn.

Abattre les Murs, Kunstraum Riehen, Basel

Silicon Is a Grey Crystal, HeK, Basel

Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage, Something Must Break, online

Institut for Succes x SMK Fridays, National Gallery of Dennmark, Copenhagen

Ministry of Internal Affairs. Intimacy as Text, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw curated by Natalia Sielewicz

DEEP SKIN,, online

Agatha — chapter 1. veranda /// night of rapture